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... is the former editor of the magazine New Worlds, and a former reviewer for the Guardian newspaper

Hilary BaileyHilary has published 18 novels, the first in 1975, the most recent, Fifty First State, in 2008

Several of her books have been read on BBC Radio, and many sold to foreign publishers. Her novels include:

The Notting Hill Series - Polly Put The Kettle On, (Constable 1975) Mrs Mulvaney, (Constable/Pan 1980) and As Time Goes By, (Constable and Pavanne, 1988)

The thrillers - Connections (Severn House 2000) and Fifty First State, (Severn House 2008)

The historical novels - All The Days of My Life, (Heinemann/Pan1985) A Stranger To Herself, (Macmillan/Pan 1989) The Cry From Street To Street, (Constable/Pan 1992) Cassandra, Princess of Troy, (Cape/Pan 1993) and Elizabeth and Lily, (Pocketbooks, 1997)

She has just completed her latest book, and is now working on a drama, with Leonora Rose-Aqotu, centred on the life of Caribbean slave, Mary Prince

Hilary lives in London

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